The Tarot is a story, an epic journey, the ultimate bliss quest, the sacred algebra of practical spirituality.

There are cards that show a life situation, like the five of pentacles represents poverty and the seven of swords represents treachery.

There are cards that represent actions and actors in life: like the Page of Swords might mean information that may affect a conflict, or the person that brings that information (or takes it from you!)

And there are cards that represent emotions or attitudes: like the chariot might represent struggle and victory.

Fools-Gold Tarot

Combine these cards in any of several sequences, and give them some context and you have a traditional Tarot “Reading” – a story, tailored specifically for you by the cards.

An average reader will tease you with half-meanings and tall dark strangers. A good reader will entertain you with great stories. A great reader will shine hope into the dark corners of your life.

24 Caret Tarot

You might be surprised to know that there is a transformative power to the Tarot. When you become immersed in the archetypes, and know them like good friends, ten thousand examples from your own life pop into your mind. And ten thousand hints for improvement manifest themselves into your life.
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True Gold Tarot

The value of the reading is in your own meditation on the archetypes and your reactions.