the Word of God is not The words of man. When God said Let there be light, big things happened. You can go outside nearly anytime and get a hint of God’s word when it comes to the topic of light. When man says Let there be light, well, not so much happens. You can read by it, but, it is a very pale shadow of the real thing.

It is the same for the words of the prophets. Anyone who writes the bible, edits the bible, interprets the bible, or preaches the bible, is only a human. The connection that person might have with God is perfect for that person. But only for that person. If you listen closely, you will realize that however “logical” or “sensible” or “compelling” the person is in telling you what God is all about: What God likes, What God hates, What God’s plan is, or What God’s judgement is or will be. If you listen closely, you will notice that is all based on some inner connection that person has with God. And, here is the kicker: It isn’t your connection.

That is not the Word of God: it is the word of man. The word of man is a pale shadow of the Word of God.

This is pretty dangerous spirituality! To follow your own inner voice is pretty damaging to the power structure of any organized religion. The early Christian Gnostics pretty much held this as a central belief. Those were the most persecuted. The ones that got the worst treatment from the Romans and other Christians. Because That very idea, that you need to have a personal, direct connection to God, and that your own connection was the trump card for making your way in this world. Well, how dangerous is that!

The great religions are based on the words of past and living prophets. Quite frankly, these prophets have done a pretty poor job of creating a better world. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. There is probably a Bible verse that mentions “prophets” and “fruits” in the same breath.

How can a prophet tell you much about God’s future, when those same prophets do a hugely lame job of predicting the present.

Trust only in your own connection!