Story Telling, Psychological Therapy, Learning Computer Science and Video Screenplay all in one!

Story Telling Alice is an interesting approach to education, with some potential uses for teen-therapy.

Youth are totally OK with button pushing, and can juggle the complex nature of computer interaction: we see evidence of that with the popularity of cell-phone texting and video games, etc.

Now while ‘Alice’ is a vehicle for teaching some programming skills, the ‘Story Telling’ variant has more appeal as an avenue for teens to vent and disclose themselves. A big plus is that while they are actually developing and putting the story into the machine, they are NOT interacting with an adult. For a teen, those teen-adult interactions have not gone well for them: that’s a big reason they are alienated. Using the machine can allow a more open communication pathway for them. (for historical resources in that direction see weizenbaum’s experiences with his rogerian style “eliza“)

Here is the storytelling version of ‘Alice‘ (it has been developed by Carnegie-Mellon U with technologies adapted from the ‘Sims’ games)

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