News From St. John’s — Slim’s Lamb Roast

The Dykes have taken over the pool table
Here at Slim’s in St. John. Dancing nonstop around the paths from Men’s room to the bar. Thirty years ago there was no such thing as a majority of women in a guy sanctuary: the pool table.

But the SRO crowd in the dining room ranges from redneck to white collar to Dali Lama, and the SRO crowd loves it all.

This may be nothing new in Portland, OR. But up in St. John’s? Unemployment Capitol of the peninsula? Why on earth would a bar owner stray from the tried and true exploitation of the alky’s Social Security check that every other bar in town seems to do.

There are two outstanding places in St. John’s Slim’s and Plews. Today.

And today, we will talk about Slim’s.

Slim’s has been pushing brews for ever in St. John. The heritage of owners would make FDR blush. Today, Slim’s is pushing hard against the PNW economy. And pushing back hard.

Why is it jammed so many nights? Look to the inspiration from Hamid X. This guy has a bit of Ed Sullivan mixed in with his hardened business senses. And tonight he merely announced, once, to a few customers that he was roasting a whole lamb, and giving it away free to anyone who showed up.

And merely, the TextMS went wild. And so did the bar.

That’s marketing magic, Mr. Hamid. Hats off to you.

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