Holy crap Adam Smith!

Adam, Our economy is in trouble. We have widespread unemployment, big banks and businesses are failing, the world is losing respect for us, terrorists hate us, and we don’t trust each other.

You are sure right about the overwhelming power of the “invisible hand” to straighten out the bumps in the road of commerce! This bump is a big one, and that “hand” is needing to get to work right away. Soon, we hope.

The forces that drive the hand have, up to this point, pushed our commerce and economy into this tailspin of a fearful, decrepit society. Are we in a tailspin? Are we decrepit? Our friends Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh would say that this is the time to let that hand go to work and PROVE that we are not a decrepit society.

And if we are decrepit, has the “hand” of business helped us lose those sensible values, just as it has changed our values about Christmas, or any of a zillion things that business pays Madison Avenue to advocate. Yes, “the hand” even works there. And the hand looks like Glen Beck as he laments the loss of values and the fact that they are trampled on so often.

The hand is working, Sean, Glenn, Rush, It can’t stop. Adam did not say that the hand was optional, nor very quick, nor was guided very well — at least in the short term. But the forces are generated in the marketplace. And the landlord of the marketplace is the Government, always has been.

So, Government mandates are simply the price that the landlord sets on your tent, Mr. Corporation. The Government is a vendor for each and every business. A huge customer, too, one that can make the difference between profit and shuttered doors. So most big businesses simply treat the government as a vendor/customer: We hire a salesman, called a Lobbyist, and negotiate with the vendor: “You want us to fill out form XXX for each shipment? You want us to sell to only “approved” customers? No problem, lets just see about a tax credit to offset the costs of implementing that, OK, 75% tax reduction? a Deal! Shake. We just factor that into our bottom line and go ahead.”

So government is no different than any customer, at least from a “Market Forces” perspective. It’s just that the “Government as customer” may have radically different requirements than the other forces of the hand. That’s business. That’s government. Live with it, Rush, the rest of us do.

But, Adam, you have really hit the wall on this one! We have huge problems that will take huge amounts of cooperation and we can no longer simply “buy” that kind of co-operation. And our “trust” factor is really weak out there, Sean. I know you have an idea or two on that subject.

Internal distrust. That’s our achilles heel. Our friends at Fox are pointing out huge numbers of people who don’t trust America. Any liberal simply does not trust America, and is simply not to be trusted. That’s a whole lot of people to distrust! And I bet they distrust right back!

Joblessness: Nothing eats our will like long term unemployment, knowing our hard-won skills are useless.

International terrorism. That takes international co-operation.

Global emissions: That takes international co-operation.

Global economy in a shambles: If we want OUR economic solution to be the one that the world adapts, we had better make our economic solution be the one that WORKS, right Rush, Glenn, Sean?.

So, here is the request from your customer: us, the citizens: Restore Trust here in the USA. Get rid of the endless searches, barricades, check points! These are badges worn by Governments who do not trust the population.
—- The population will not trust back. So business, Government. Earn our trust. We spend better that way. It’s one of our forces.

By the way, Adam, have your hand start working on these very real forces in the market place.

Let it get to work on the Global Emissions and climate thing. And no more bogus “cigarette cancer” research that’s cooked up by the Simpson’s Quack Doctor and sold to the highest bidder.
And get to work on the terrorism thing. So they hate our freedoms? The last X-ray check-point I had to go through to check my Federal Income Tax or Social Security, or even take a trip did not make me feel free. I’m not feeling it, Sean.
And get to work on the Global Economy: They can’t trust us anymore, they are even talking about dumping the dollar. Business, you have already taken the baby step to Global Citizen. We need you to do better than that, businessman, We need you to make the leap to Global Statesman.

So fix it: It’s just business. And Business is Business.

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