A small word.  In English, we reserve small words for those with pity meanings.  Simple concepts: the smaller the word on the printed page, the more likely it came from english and hence roman, Greek, and Egyptian with a lot of Norse thrown in as seasoning for zillions of years. Everything except the word ‘the’ which I have NO explanation of, nor apology for — Fuck you ‘the’ !  Enough with linguistics, back to fealty.

So what’s the bit about fealty? — It has to do with subservience. Subservience as an honorable pursuit in life: “I pledge my service to you, Frodo, as I carry you up this volcano of doom.” — Samwise may have never gotten the Oscar for this incredible performance, but there has been no other, purer expression of this statement than Sean Astin’s performance.

But what about “Fealty??”

Fealty is the pledge from an inferior to a superior.

Fealty is a pledge to help the superior in all ways to meet the superior’s goals.  It is NOT like a negotiation — ‘Um, Frodo, the union rules forbid be from biting off your ring, but unless you  you slip me a $100, I’ll let my friend Gollum have a go.’

Fealty is the pledge: “I only sink or swim as you.” — I will help you in all the decisions and pursuits you may have.

That is an amazing pledge, and one that we should never restrict.  Between equals.  Of any sex.

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