China Town, Los Angeles and the Bliss of Urban Sprawl

For my money, the movie “ChinaTown” has got to be the best, tightest, believable and time accurate movie ever.  I grew up in L.A. just after the time of “China Town” and “The Two Jakes.”  and the ‘feel’ was right on.  The dry stream-bed, the orange grove across the street, and the crazy lights just on the other side of the hill.  The slow, steady unfolding was like the slow, steady unfolding of every sunny day after every sunny day in Los Angeles.  And the Sunset was spectacular.

That was the LA I remember as a kid of four to seven.  I remember the sonic booms of the jet planes overhead from the test facilities at Northrup or Hughes.  I remember “KKSH-Sh-sh-sh-sh—BOOOOOOM!” and a boom that you would feel in your gut.

Early memories are like that.

I remember dancing with my evening shadow on the side of a stucco wall.  The white of the stucco turns a deep blue in the shadows that I would cast on a crimson wall in the sunset.  Thanks for all the pollution in the air.  It really is beautiful, and some level will be sustainable.  Maybe.  I hope.

So what do you think of Chinatown?  The ambience was right on, and as far as I can tell, the Zeitgiest was there too. There are other stories of the Detective’s worst fear being dumped on him, with no recourse — these other LA based Detective deceptives are film anti-noir (in color and makes you feel the pain) “L.A. Confidential,” or  ”Mulholland Falls” — The last is especially worthy as coming from the  same social background: “Dr. Strangelove” — they are both children of the same angst.  I am not kidding you: There was a TV series in the ’50s called “I led three Lives: Citizen, ‘Communist’, Counterspy”

Why am I telling you this?  Is it to make you laugh? or is it to subvert you to the evil I represent?

Ok, is this my motivation?  OR my personality?

It’s my personality. Slap.  NO, It’s my motivation!  Slap!  NO, It’s my Personality AND my Motivation!  SLAP! “You see, My … (the voice trails off)   Ya get it? or is it too hard, Mr. Detective….

Celebrating the worth and wealth of pure words,
I Am

Jim-Bo-Bob-Brain, ready to take over the world.
PS.  ”But how are we going to get the froth from a wave’s white-cap to the Governer’s ball before lunch?”

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