An Open Letter to the People of Saipan — Diamonds at your feet

Hafa Adai, CNMI!

My name is Jim Hinds. I’m your neighbor. I’m a retired computer scientist/craftsman, and new on the island.  I love Saipan, and while I’d much rather learn to grow bamboo than write computer programs or manage another business again, I’m offered the exquisite opportunity to have my computer creations help the local economy, the litter problem, aid tourists, and add value to a lot of other beneficial areas of our lives here too.

I love the green, and Saipan is the greenest, freshest, warmest and calmest place I have ever been.  And that’s saying a lot: I’ve lived in some very nice places in my life.
But Saipan has a litter problem, there may be lots of reasons why, but I want to help out in the social outreach and marketing aspect.  And that’s kind of my specialty as a computer programmer/scientist of nearly 50 years.  You might think of me as helping Saipan take full advantage of the free and simple internet phenomenon called Twitter.
Here is what Twitter can do for you if you use it wisely and with a little help:
  • Be a free electronic Billboard for your own use
  • Connect with Teens through 30 somethings.  Anyone with a cell phone is instantly reachable.
  • Connect with Local Residents.
  • Connect with Tourists: in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and yes, even in English.
  • Give Saipan instant and broadly accessible Classified Ads — No logging in to post, just send a message from your cell phone.  It’s easy and fast.  As it grows it will become a one stop shopping buying and selling center.
  • Promote Local business specials, sales and concerts, open houses and events.  At zero cost.
  • Promote concerts, open houses and any and all events island wide instantly. All at zero cost.
  • Connect with thousands of people on Saipan and let them connect back with you: The internet is now a two way street.
The idea behind my new app is very simple.  I have figured out how to Automate the collection and searching of specific twitter messages in a local area.  Yes, you COULD do a twitter search on a specific restaurant, and then another, but what if dozens of those searches were instantly available in one place?  Would go to that place and look?  Yes? No?  Of course you would.
And that’s what my new web service does.  It is ONE single hub for all sorts of information.  All for free for the person that reads the message and free for the person that posts the message.
For example, let’s get back to litter and trash on our island.  One of my sites: is a focus for information from successful organizations that are waging the day to day battle to clean up the land.  It also is an event calendar where ANY interested party can post an event.  And it is a 24 hour instant forum for people to give feedback.   Of course you would post your event on your site.  But if you thought you could double, triple the eyeballs on your message for free from your cellphone, you probably would, wouldn’t you?
And you KNOW that people will be going to rather than the four or five different organizations that might have an event.  If you post something on your web-site, you still have to promote your web-site. can help you by doing both and for free.
In the same way, can promote interest in generating a local excellence in high-tech.  It is my strong belief that the the best and lowest cost business of our modern age is internet oriented. is the forum or place to air and spread that information. You don’t have to be an expert to use any of this, but those who want to can learn a lot about the technology behind it all if they choose to.  And become internet entrepreneurs too.


And promotes sustainable and organic tech for Saipan’s continued agricultural success. This can become a one stop location for all things agricultural on Saipan.
And is a free CNMI classified ad service.  Sell your collection of comic books, or your car.
You can also promote your local event or yard sale:  Just SMS a message that has event information: date, time and description:  For example —  #yard #event May 14, 2012 Yard Sale: “My Place” and bingo: you have folks at your door on May 14. Fast simple, easy, FREE.
How does it work?  Can you do it?  Well, go visit and click around.  You will see loads of little pictures: just click on one and read what the person had to say.  And you can tweet back if you want: Just give the site authority to send out your reply (the authorize link is currently way at the top of the page) , and it’s all taken care of for you.  A simple click then type interface for two way communication.  Just check back in a few moments and you can tell if you got a reply.
I have already developed and programmed these apps.  That part is already in place, so, OK, so what dose need to do to get started?
1) I need to identify stakeholders in the separate areas: if you are passionate about litter, or any other topic: let me know.  If it’s a group that I already have created, I’ll make sure YOUR twitter account gets visibility.
2) And if it is a new topic, that’s OK, too, I’ll just make a new subdomain just for you and your group.  You chose the editor.  You can be as democratic or autocratic as you want in what Twitter messages will show on the page.
3) I can use your help and contacts to get the word out about the whole ModernMarianas concept:  It’s really new, and nothing like this has ever existed before — here or anywhere else.
4) Get feedback about what works for you and what DOESNT work, and how it can be improved visually and tactilely.  Be assured that I will be very responsive to fixing any problems.  I want to multiply your success in getting your message across to the community.
As you start using Twitter in a serious but social way Saipan will become a place where information and good things spread instantly and bring maximum benefits to all.  Business will improve, we will understand our neighbors better and our personal lives will be enriched.
Just like Tourism, the economy and well being of our island is everybody’s business.  We can easily work together to improve all of those things.  And with the ModernMarianas concept, it is free and easy.
Contact me by email: (best) or twitter me at @jahbini or call me at 670-285-6711 and talk to me about your vision for a better Marianas.
If you see me on the street, don’t hesitate to ask me anything: I’m that white bearded Santa Claus Gandalf guy you may see around town.
Yours for a Better, Cleaner and more vibrant Saipan, Tinian and Rota.

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