Virtually Enhanced Marriage Proposal

Him: Mmmm.  Sweetie, it looks fabulous!

Her: It’s “Venitian Egg Glazed Souffle”  With a creamed organic pate sauce on the side.

Him: Let me at it!  Hey this tastes spinach.  It is spinach.  And the sauce is a bit of mustard.  Let me see.

Her: No, No, don’t take your glasses off!  You Promised!  You know it’s all virtually enhanced.

Him: I really like the chandelier and candles in the sconces, and the Scandavian setting you picked is fabulous, but you shouldn’t need to cover up the food so much.  That virtually enhanced reality is awesome, but it does have it’s limits.

Her: Well, I’m told that it’s a great way to get kids to eat!  They can have neon colored, crackelling sand-worms if they want, and it’s still the same organic food they’re eating.

Him: Well, kids, Mmm.  Yes, I’ve been thinking about that.  He pulls out a small box and opens it.   The ring inside is bright and big.   Maybe 15 caret solo.

She gasps as he asks: will you marry me?


Announcer voice over: Apple T&T authorized Vi-Fi programs start at $175 per month.  Enhance responsibly.

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