The Nick Tesla All Night Salesman Machine!!!

I’m passing this on to the group for your collective wisdom. I came up with this after reading about the DHE offshoot of NLP. As you read this you may discover that I actually know nothing about DHE. In fact, like Alice said about “Jabberwocky”, (and I misquote) “It makes me think of many things, although I’m not sure what things.” Now does that sound like a trance, or what??

Our Unconscious Mind does lots of things at once. Nick Tesla is well known for his strategy of building a virtual machine in his head and letting it run for several days, checking it occasionally to see how well it was performing. We can envision machines that have specific mental or communication benefits. The ongoing operation of these machines can be carried out by our unconscious and important results passed on to our conscious mind whenever necessary.

We can create a system composed of smaller parts. We can install parts that can operate independently and usefully for our own benefit. When we ask these parts to operate harmoniously for a common good, and without emotional involvement, we have a way to create brain mechanisms that have positive results.

Example The sales machine: (inspired by Tad James’ five step sales process)
The sales machine is composed of several smaller machines that all work together. Let’s describe them and at the same time you can install them. You can visualize them as little men, black boxes, white boxes, using any rep-system or modality you feel works best for you. Whatever is vivid and easily remembered.

The Value detector.
This machine is constantly combing over what we have heard from our client and comparing it with the features of our product. Each time it detects a match that indicates VALUE, it suggests that value match for you to pass on to the client.

The Rapport generator.
This assembly is very useful in lots of contexts. It is in charge of matching the energy level of our client. It tracks the body position, the voice tempo, rhythm, etc. It is constantly matching for similarities that you and your client share. It passes these suggestions to your conscious mind to pass on to the client, either verbally or non-verbally.

The Linking generator.
This small machine constantly generates suggestions that match the features of your product with the values that are acknowledged by the client. These suggestions that link your product with the value are passed on to the client.

The agreement generator.
This machine packages all suggestions into phrases softened by the Milton Model, answering questions with questions, tag questions, embedded commands, etc. Always asking the client for agreement.

The map detector.
This machine inspects our client’s communication for Meta-model violations. It suggests areas to explore. Any significant topics that come from the client are passed on to the value detector.

The benefits generator.
This machine starts the ball rolling by asking what the client feels is important regarding his context. You will use this to pass on to the value generator.

The feedback machine.
This machine filters ALL input and disconnects it from emotional responses. There is only feedback, remember?

The Close generator.
Each time there is a positive response from the client regarding a value link, this generator comes up with a suggestion for an appropriate close. The close should be passed through the agreement generator, don’t you think?

The machines labeled ‘feedback’; ‘map detector’ ‘agreement generator’ and ‘rapport’ are very general and are used in most all NLP driven interpersonal communication.

Finally, draw a picture of how these machines interconnect. You can refer to this picture for the first few times that you use this machine. That will help fine-tune and refine the installation of this machine.

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