Self Publish Your Own Paperback at Essentially No Cost

Not too long ago, I wrote a book for mid-life couples to help them re-focus on each other when the kids leave the home and retirement may be around the corner.

That is a critical time in a relationship: a huge percentage of divorces occur at exactly that time. A couple starts out in love, but time changes, values change, attraction changes. The book Romantic Trances is dedicated to the idea that a couple can find common ground and with the help of NLP, can regain the glow and rekindle the romance.

All that is well and good, but I wanted to get it out to the public to see what reception I could get: I’m in the process of re-writing it now!

I would not have been able to do that unless I got about 100 copies out into the hands of people so that I could get feedback on what worked and what didn’t.

Simply put, I wanted a way to print and bind an attractive paperback that I could do with simple materials. I figured out a unique and novel way to print a book using a duplexing printer and a therma-bind unit. The printer was a Samsung unit that had a price tag under $500. The therma-bind unit cost less than $100. I have since graduated to a Brother color laser with an even lower cost per page.

How I was able to do this involved a rather tricky way to shuffle the pages front and back and side to side so that one run through the printer would create two paperbacks. I would tack the outer edge with hot-melt glue, wrap a glossy bookcover around the pages and stick it in the therma-bind like a piece of toast in a toaster.

Bingo, instant paperback.

It took less than an afternoon to print out 100 copies, and the only part of the production that I could not do myself was to make the finishing cut: That was simple, any local copy shop has a hydraulic cutting station that will do the job. The printer can create a stack of several of the raw books, and cut them all at once. Five cuts, and that created 100 books: Cost per cut? One dollar. Total out of pocket expense? Five dollars.

You can find out more at the Publishing your Own Paperback Book article at Pine Articles e-zine.

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