Magnetic Miracle Oil

I saw the first pictures of liquid oil several years ago. The movement of the liquid was intriguing. Almost mind-boggling. It moves, follows the magnet, rises up to it like a plant-blob growing from the depths. Very much a Special Effects wonder.

In the last few weeks, I have noticed a commercial where a magnet floats above a pool of this stuff. There is no rhyme or reason for what we are seeing, and it looks unlike CGI because of the strange motion. It just flows in such a weird way that our eyes are stuck there demanding the brain answer the question: “What the hell am I seeing? Should I eat it? should I kill it? should I run?”

My Gut says nothing, so the brain, stuck in reality, attempts to reassure the eyes, while furiously figuring what is going on: All senses totally on automatic, the juggernaught of thought takes over and sez “Magnetic Oil, but why?”

No answer. thought starts to patch in the audio, up to now, locked out by the visuals. The announcer is talking about motor oil. That follows magnets. It’s a product ad. A company makes motor oil and has a new sexy visual. So What.

Will it catch on?

  • Cool factor: Yes, very. Almost like Apple’s 1984 ad.
  • Utility factor: (Do we really have engines with electromagnets, or even magnets at all? And if there was a magnet to grab torn chunks of metal, would you really want the oil hogging the magnet?) Maybe?
  • Public Reaction: ???

The first time you see magnetic oil, you likely will have the same feeling that kings of the 1700′s were seeing in tricks of magnetism and electricity. “It’s a miracle

Yes, it is, but it becomes common, and so we don’t think about it as a miracle. It’s only common when we don’t pay attention.

It’s still a miracle. Everything is.

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