A Search Engine Optimization Strategy

The mantra of the SEO community is: Content and Backlinks. The MetaGoogle MegaCorporation calculates a site’s worth with some high-falutin’ hueristic that measures the depth of the Moon’s Shadow, the Man’s Piaba and maybe the number of ‘worthy’ links into your site. The worthiness is also a magic quantity that nobody is really sure about.

For me, Jim Hinds, my main interest is romance and relationships: My web pages are Romance Capitol and my therapy page Celarien

I need to get visitors to my site. That is your opportunity also: getting visitors to your site!

So we need a strategy that will put eyeballs on your site and maybe make google happy.

Now, what if there was a secret society that put a whole bunch of web site owners together that:

  1. looked at each other’s site
  2. reviewed each other’s site
  3. encouraged the site owners to post those reviews with proper backlinks on their own site
  4. add those reviews on a slow and daily basis so as not to confuse the Search Engine People
  5. made suggestions to each other’s site
  6. and invited other site owner’s to do the same

Bingo! What do you have? A club that encourages cross-linking. Fair, you only link to those you want to, and Balanced, when you want to. In addition, you have lots of the most web-sophisticated people looking at your site. That is linkreferral.com! An altogether good thing. I estimate that my FREE usage of that service has gotten me over 100 hits in the first week of use alone.

But what is the down side? Well, the way that the Link Referral people encourage site owners to join is to return a fraction of the action. And so it looks a bit like a multi-level marketing program. That’s not entirely bad, especially when you consider that you are not really joining to get rich, just to get more real eyeballs on your site.

Another organization is quite a bit more up ‘in your face’ about the money making aspect. That is You WE (yuwie.com). Here is the funny part: They are actually more fair and honest than the social web services that do NOT give any money back to their users. Does your daughter’s social web site give her any money? If she was on Yuwie, she might get even a little back.

But money is NOT the big advantage of the Yuwie community. The big secret is that these users are more motivated to look at your yuwie site, simply because they think it will gain them some money. It may, but the effect is that your Yuwie site can point too your REAL site with full RSS links, blog postings and such. Yuwie users will be looking at your content and that can’t be bad.

Check out this video introduction to Yuwie.

It is like a one-two punch to get visitors to your web site: The linkreferral concept joined with the Yuwie concept.

Act now. You can use your on-computer time more fun and more intelligently as well as get more visitors to your site. And that’s pretty much a good thing.

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