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Clean Language . com — A Great NLP Resource

Most NLP sites are really vehicles for selling someones theraputicc techniques. That’s not really a bad thing, we all got to eat, but it does mean that you need to pay money to gain access to the real secrets. It is refreshing to find the real deal without the hard-sell. Read on. I recently stumbled […]

The Nick Tesla All Night Salesman Machine!!!

I’m passing this on to the group for your collective wisdom. I came up with this after reading about the DHE offshoot of NLP. As you read this you may discover that I actually know nothing about DHE. In fact, like Alice said about “Jabberwocky”, (and I misquote) “It makes me think of many things, […]

Greetings Seeker, Finder and Keeper

As you can see, I have re-formatted this entire blog. Gone are the snazzy graphics but in it’s place is a new ability to comment. I’m allowing everybody to comment now. Of course, spam will force a change in the policy… Look around. Check out what’s important. I plan on putting my NLP notes here […]