What the Heck is a JAH be INI ??

All spiritual paths and creeds tell us that the way to God is that contact within. The telephone line to Jesus. The “still small voice.” The dark glass.

That connection is within so that no one can step between. Like, but unlike, the Rasta InI it tells us that InI, our connection between that first person (the self of our consciousness) and the FIRST PERSON (the Soul of the universe), is the GodLink. We see God imperfectly but personally through that connection. It is your very own concept of God. Simply put: JAH be InI.

We see God only through the eyes of our own human perspective. Thats not all that God is, it’s only what we can do with our limited capabilities and experiences.
Everybody gets some part right, and and everybody has something obscured. A candle can’t see the shadows it casts, you know. As Ken Wilbur has mentioned: “nobody is so stupid that they are 100% wrong”

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