Saint Yosemite Sam

Hard wall of the economy

Three years of no income makes quite a dent in a life. Now I’m a master of living small, but my smallness got smaller and smaller until, my economic situation became a singularity that sucked in everything I had, relied on, aspired to and promised. All were walked on very heavily for those years.

No credit, massive irrevocable debts, no home, no future, disowned by my ex and my daughter. A relationship strained passed the point of recovery.

In December of 2009, I hit the hard wall of he economy.

So what’s a guy to do? Scrape every penny together and leave to be close to an estranged brother in case I become destitute.

And then, Magic Happens

And magically, I inherit a beautiful contract. A quiet location. A new community specially made to transform Jim into a power to behold. Cash positive, taking control, delegating, motivating, caring for and mentoring others. Writing like a daemon everyday, self-publishing illustrated story, comic book and tarot deck.

Saint Jim?! Saint WHO?

And now, I am some PNW Spiritual Yosemite Sam. St. Jim the Mountaineer. St. Jim will take you up bliss boulevard for a bliss quest.

And it may just work.

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