Full Faith Gnostic

OK. I admit it. I’m a Taoist Gnostic. A gnostic is a soul aware of itself and it’s intimate connection to the Soul of the Universe. The Taoist part is that the path is the connection. The bottle, the message and the sea. All are the same, not really separate, even though we might think of them as discrete concepts.

From a perspective of holon thinking (Thanks to Ken Wilbur!) all are swimming in the same hierarchy. Remember, the Tao we can speak of isn’t the Tao. You can only know it inside. Gnostic-ally. Maybe we are all part of God’s eternal tapestry, timeless, and for God’s purpose. That we are woven into it is vivid proof that we are supposed to be there, doing exactly what we are doing. The only sin is the omission of our knowing that connection: and since we cannot know the complete of God’s tapestry, we cannot be totally aware of our place and purpose in God’s plan, can we not?

But that’s the sinless gift of the gnostic realization of the Christ. Your view of God’s plan that keeps you going in the pattern that is already set (or changing) is God’s plan, at least for you. We are that we are. InI to you, too, buddy!

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