Everything and Nothing

Matthew Fox recently spoke here in Honolulu. We listened as he talked about spirituality for the 21st century. One person asked “can you set me straight about what exactly is God?” The answer was that if someone says they know “exactly” what God is, you should run the other way! Maybe the best image of God is Everything, AND Nothing at the same time.

Three messages about spirituality for the new century remain with me: Be the Mystic, Be the Prophet, Search for ways to illuminate the love of life.

The mystery is the message for the mystic. The delivery of the message is the essence for the prophet. The message must be in tune with the single-minded nature of the Universe to create possibilities for life.

We must create possibilities out of closed doors. That’s essentially what the universe does, and hence is in tune with the Highest. Just think. We know that if you put enough protons and electrons together for 16 billion years, you get planets and suns, trees and birds, man and machine, justice and jest, horror and wisdom.

The big question now becomes: “Are we to join in with the Soul of the Universe in ever continuing creation?” — Consider the alternative, then do it, do it, do it.

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