Possible Polyamory? Multiple Monogamy?

I revel in possibilities. Practical alternatives to our stalemate with culture, economics, and society. We have been told over and over that the USA is a ‘free country.’ But in what way? there is absolutely nothing free except air and water, and we are paying big-time for Coke and Pepsi to put baby laxative in our bottled water. Yes, look for magnesium sulfate, folks — It’s baby laxative — and you pay for it?

And so with the most important thing of all,our very most personal relationships. So personal that we hesitate to make a connection lest it damage ourselves, or worse, our partner. Damn you if your love turns sour, but double damn me if I inadvertently hurt you through my love for you.Jenny Block, author of <em>Open : Love, Sex and Life in an Open Marriage</em>

And so I am delighted to bring two incredible viewpoints from ladies that are trying to explore new territory and to bring light to what used to be forbidden topics.

The first is from Jenny Block who has given us the insights into an open marriage: a valid agreement for multiple lovers in a committed relationship.

The second is from Suzanne Portnoy who really has had it with monogamy. She is open about liking sex, liking men, and not bashful at all when it comes to saying: “Not Exclusive!” Some would call her a prostitute, but for two things: she does it for free, because she wants to. And with whom she wants to. Both are things that separate her from mere prostitution: she exhibits, neither.

She has authored two books that you should know about: The Not So Invisible Woman, and the erotic memoir: The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker.

Can you handle a woman like that? I wonder if many men could, a strong woman should be a national treasure.

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    Judging by her photo, I will say that Jenny Block is an attractive woman!

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