Linkreferral Useless?

I have been a Link Referral member for quite some time, and have several sites there. My latest, is a gateway to twitter. It’s really a Twitter Power Tool, that is totally free.

My goal is to have Tweeparty on the screens of women from ages 13 to 35 and beyond. You know, the tweety, chatty kind. A person can gather tweets all day long, multiplexing all those womanly tasks, and still keep up with all the latest and respond with just a few clicks to the juiciest morsels that bubble to the top of interest.

So, when I see all those hits coming in from, I figure — even though it takes me a good hour or so to go through the linkreferral sites, and review those few gems of sites, like thewozone, I mostly find there dead links and parked domains — worse than dead.

I do it because I believe I’m getting quality views, because I really believe my site is a quality, unique, and incredibly useful web application for tweeters, from novices to power users.

So when I look at my Google Analytics at the traffic from LinkReferral, I am amazed to find that the average time-on-site is 11 seconds. That isn’t even time to let the page load! But the Google also tells me that the average time on my site for a new visitor is 1:50 — Ten times as long –almost two minutes! So it ain’t the site here that’s at fault, it’s the visitor! Lets summarize that: a Linkreferral visit is worth 1/10th of a real visit.

Now I have gotten some really high quality reviews (and a bunch of junk, too) so I know there are a range of visitors. But you won’t convince me that the average Linkreferral visitor is very useful.

So what are your visitation times from

Let me know, OK?

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