The Democrat Problem and an American Solution

Simply stated, the Democratic Party has got too many choices. Two great candidates: Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. One has charisma and is a great orator, the other is a master executive and problem solver.

Both have platforms and viewpoints that are, essentially compatible. Trouble is, the supporters of one are rabid in their dedication to their favorite candidate. And worse, would NOT vote for the other! and would easily be more at ease with Republican Senator John McCain as president!

Like me, I would find it hard to vote for Senator Obama over John McCain. I think Barack is naive and means well but really does lack experience. And I like John, he undoubtedly has the experience, and then some. I really think he is a straight talker: enough so that you can find articles like:

OK, here is the solution: The Democrats can have it for free:
have Hillary and Barack publically join up in a run for the white house with the agreement that each will be president for four years. The next election, the other candidate would run on the top of the ticket. In this fashion, the pair could easily hold the white house for 12 to 16 years. Which candidate will be president first should be decided by an arbitrary and hopefully fair decision: like a public coin toss. Something that we can all say is NOT the result of ‘slick-talk’ or campaign financing or lobbies or any political hot-topic.

OK, there is my solution: Obama, you say that you want to have a change in the system? Well there it is — a change to get things going smoothly forward. Hillary, you say that you want to work for the American Public? All of us? Well, roll up your sleeves.

I do not want a politician in the white house. I want a Statesman. Step up.

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