Sarah Palin’s MegaChurch of politics

It’s not really a church, it’s a nascent political party. We allow any number of them in this country. For nearly any reason. Church or Party.

And just like our very successful MegaChurches, we have found that the money making aspect of these things is fabulous. We in America know how to SELL.

And the fabulous wealth and salesmanship displayed by these giant carpeted neo-cathedrals with hot and cold holy espresso fountains have been noticed more info

by the Sarah Palin set. The perfect demographic!

So Imagine that Sarah’s new job is to hold her revivals around the country and introduce candidates (all for money, of course) from those who want to buy into the franchise? She’s the Master of Ceremonies, newscaster and spokes-grrl all rolled in one.

The long term goal of winning seats, changing politics or improving the world? If you could milk it for 10 years would you care?

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