Inspiration from Hillary??

This statement by a 70′s era E.R.A. supporter (I’m one too, just the male variety), awakens an earlier enthusiasm for the vitality of American Politics. The Winner Politics never quite gives you what you want, but at least you feel that every voice got heard… And sometimes, just sometimes, there is a fight worth winning, and a win worth having.

I think, for me, that’s the ultimate draw of Hillary, she is one of us. And she can help us win back some national sanity.

When I say one of us, I mean those of us that witnessed the 1960′s and 1970′s reaction to a government that, well, just went off in the wrong direction. And it did happen. And we heard all the corporate bullshit.

And we followed our myopic government as it went off mad pursuit of a phantom. And we heard the bullets on our Ohio State campus.

Our government told us that we were fighting against the communist menace, but the sad fact is, that China and the USSR learned that spending a small amount on guns and war-stuff, they could keep the USA busy and off-balance from the late 1950′s to the mid 1970′s. If China and the USSR could have baited us into a few more of those unwinnable wars, then the Soviet Union might still be around!

And for a few years, we were smart enough to keep out of those sucker matches. Until we elected our current group of leaders.

So now the USA is in the perfect position to get sucked into many of those unwinnable wars. I feel that we really need some sanity in the White House now. I think Hillary has just the mind-set to get us sane. She’s tough, she’s smart, she is effective. And she knows the right thing to do. Hillary’s my girl.

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