GWB, Cowardice, Bravery, a nation of sheep and Jar Jar Binks

The following was originally a comment to a thought crime article on We think it stands on it’s own. Here it is:

GWB said he was a ‘uniter,’ and he did a fabulous job of ‘uniting’ the US under the Banner of Fear. And, like sheep and Jar-Jar Binks, we rushed headlong into the slippery slope of the ‘Patriot Act’ and the ‘War on Terror.’

All this aggression on our part has ignited our enemies into using very creative guerrilla tactics based on the internet’s ability to organize and disseminate information. They will always find those guerrilla tactics: loopholes in our communication infrastructure. It will be a never ending battle as long as we think like sheep.

In the 1950′s we had an even bigger threat, and a very much larger fear: Nuclear war. It was in our lives every day. As a nation, we also had a lot of crazy ideas; anyone remember the John Birch Society or the House Committee on un-American Activities? Comic character Pogo Possum, during the height of the H-Bomb scare of the 1950′s, said “We have met the Enemy, and He is Us.” GWB says that “they hate our freedoms.” So, Mr. GWB, by uniting us in fear, we are the enemy and will also start to “hate our freedoms”.

Our National Anthem says that America is supposed to be the ‘home of the brave,’ where is the bravery? We survived the threat of nuclear war with our freedoms mostly intact, why should we divorce bravery now? We show bravado, but not true bravery. I support our troops but not their leaders. Even more importantly, I would support our nation.

Show some courage, America: bravado and aggression stemming from fear is not bravery.

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