Bombs Under My Boots

July 4 Moonrise over Lao Lao BayI just got some great slack key sounds from a Ms Helen Weight.  She lives over on the big Island of Hawaii somewhere.  Back in civilization: music wise, that is.  Slack key is “sweet beyond belief, as was the leaf.” Or so they say in Honolulu.  It is one of the drawbacks of Saipan.  The Chamorro and Carolinian traditions of music and dance are very far underground and unrecovered.

So, Ms Weight, there will be no returns, thank you.

But the package was an audio CD of a vintage era, when liner notes and artwork were just phasing out, and is worthy on that note alone.  Thanks.  And that’s my point here.  If it was just the audio, I could have gotten it in mere seconds, via a ripped CD over the ‘net.  As it is, this priority parcel From: a United States Post Office To: a United States Post Office, took about three weeks.  Twenty One days.  My prescription from Mark Matsunaga VA Hospital in Honolulu takes about the same.

But the time lag is a feature, not a bug.  And it’s a bug, not a feature.  It promotes patience.  And I’m told that patience is a virtue of the wise.

Case in point: Saipan’s government is woefully out-of-step with all sorts of compliance with our federal system of laws.  And that is to be expected.  Saipan will not be a great cantidate for Statehood — Saipan is trying to find it’s competences.

It is a bold struggle to create a stable government.  A stable government is NOT a slam-dunk, folks.  My hat is off to every one of those public servants, no matter how corrupt, money-grubbing, or incompetent they may or may not be.  The circus is quite fun to watch.  Lots of finger pointing, non-compliances, etc, etc.

But let’s face it.  Saipan’s economy is about the size of an old Honda 50.  The spark plug has to be cleaned every morning or else it wont start.  That economy is now tasked to tow the Battleship U.S. Bureaucracy.  It isn’t going to work.  Crooked politician and Saint would both go to jail, eternally.

Holding Saipan’s Government, Utilities, Social Services, Police, Infrastructure to US Federal Regulations creates debts that can not be paid with the economy of Saipan.  At present, we are a Cost center for the US.  And that’s sad.  Because Saipan is struggling to find it’s competencies.

We know that Saipan had been a very successful economy prior to WWII.  That economic prosperity has never really returned.  How is that possible, Mr. Free Enterprise American Talkinghead?  What is the problem that after 60 years of US nurturing, Saipan has no economy?  The simple answer: “The US has no clue how to build economies.”  Even now, the US Economy is showing signs of an end-game Ponzi, and needs to vent some of that BS that has been filling the ‘bubble.’

The answer to Saipan’s economy isn’t obvious.  To anyone.  So don’t expect anything in either direction very soon.  Just sayin’ that patience is a virtue of the wise.

Now to more pleasant topics:

Where else can I stand on soil under the full umbrella of the US Federal system and have a live WWII Ordinance right below my feet?

It is historical fact that Saipan was totally SandBlasted by the US Military during WWII.  Nearly every living thing on the island had been sandpapered away by relentless US firepower.

The US did a pretty good job of finding and defusing some of the unexploded bombs that rained down on Saipan for a Biblical Length of Time.  Most of them.  Well, many of them.  The ones they could get too easily before the damned Dangy-Dangy trees got in the way.

The common Dangy-dangy trees are a totally invasive species that was forced upon Saipan during the reconstruction.  Their net effect?  To make the jungle more dense.  That seems to be the only real lasting use for these skinny ugly trees.  They grow fast, two years to about 20 feet, give no real shade, unless they grow very close together: which, in the jungle, is everywhere.

Since WWII, and that’s a long time ago.  So, much of the island has never had a human standing on it in 60 years.

That is an awesome statement.  People still find relics from Japanese Uniforms and GI gear.  There are statements posted in public places showcasing that Unexploded Ordinance you want to avoid.  Is it historic?  It may be a WWII trophy, or it may be a land-mine that is ready to go off.

The jungle just became a pretty dangerous place.  And a hell of a lot more fun.

There are Bombs under my Boots.

So, Mr American Talking Head, if we have a puppet-on-a-string riding a Honda 90 pulling the Battleship Bureaucracy, let me remind you that Saipan is likely the Poster Child of Superfunds of the 20th Century. We still have US made bombs in the jungle, so what are you going to do about it?

For me, I’ll walk the jungle with respect, tend my own gardens and be patient as the good citizens of Saipan figure out how to be the economic powerhouse of the Japanese Era rather than a Honda 90 with a fouled spark-plug.

Tend your own gardens and become patient.  It’s a virtue of the wise.  Otherwise, I got a contact for you: Just go to Helen Weight.

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