Google Does Harm

I have, in the last few days (jul 23, 2013) received a request from the Tad James Company (http:/ to remove a link from my reference on my page: ( a post about the failings of standard Psychological Counseling) because wants to believe that Tad has PAID for this endorsement. (definitely not true)

The link is to Tad James trainings at on my page (  — NLPCoaching teaches the concepts of NLP. As an explanation —  NLP is “NeuroLinguistic Programming” — or how to talk to your “inner parts” to achieve mastery in life. Mastery of the “ship of your soul” — pretty heavy duty.  Important for every human,

I personally like NLP.  Not just like, I find NLP to be a foothold on the rock-wall of life.  Do NOT attempt to raise  yourself without a good, factual and verifiable coaching system.  You will fall without grounding in reality: NLP is all about reality.  Tad offers a real start: more so than most of the “ism”s that you run into: Religions, Political affiliations, Creeds, Philosophies,  or allegiances.

And so if I link to anything referring to Mr. James sites, Google believes there is some evil, some racketeering going on. Prove it, Google — Your inference is flawed from head to toe.

Tad has been a pioneer in lifting folks from “Do’h” to “Done Deal! for thousands of people.

In my personal opinion, I truly believe Tad James should be nominated for the Nobel Prize for emotional freedom.  Not just nominated, but should receive the full benefits: a gold medal and all of the $$$ for his “Time Line Therapy” (which is a registered trademark.)  Registered trademark or no, it is earthshaking in power and scope.  If you have never experienced this man’s trainings, it is the same as if you have never taken a bath,never had a haircut, never wiped your ass.  NLP is as earth centered as that.

Time Line Therapy, and Tad’s gentle techniques, take your wishes and moves them into the realm of REALITY.

Wishes to reality.  Pretty cool.

I had taken trainings from Tad in the late 1990′s, and found them amazing, earth shaking and illuminating.  The first time I realized that emotional responses could be changed, It was as if, I could receive an “emotional transplant’ and get to the next level.

So when I receied a request from (Tad’s new company — it used to be Advanced Neuro Dynamics) that forced me to REMOVE a personal endorsement, I was totally insulted.

Google: Pleased be informed that Tad James, his heirs, assigns, devolvements or legal tributaries, have NOT paid, coerced, blackmailed or extorted to put a link to his site or sites.  It is ONLY from my personal high and validating experience of the benefits of Tad James’ trainings.

Google: Do You GET IT?  or not?  What can I tell you to BACK OFF on natural web links of a non-paid, non-influenced, non-commercial endorsement.

Google, you are doing harm by following your bullshit rules without vision.  Stop.  Stop. Stop.

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