Reality: You Just Gotta be There!

How do you experience reality? That is, when things happen out there in the real world, what feelings, ideas and attitudes come up in your mind? For example: you are driving along and someone in front of you jams on the brakes and you almost run into the car in front of you.NLP mental model

Do you say: “wow, something must have been really important for that person to stop so suddenly. I’m glad they didn’t have an accident, and I’m glad I was paying attention, too.”

Um. Probably not. But without any further information about what really did happen in the cars ahead, you actually could say that. And if you did, you wouldn’t really be angry or frustrated, would you? But few of us actually do think like that: to give the other person the “benefit of the doubt.”

We could just stop here and say: “give the other person the benefit of the doubt.” Essentially that’s what all you teachers told you. It’s what your mom told you. It’s what your Rabbi, Priest, or Minister told you. It may even be what your doctor told you.
What they didn’t tell you was HOW. (oh, your minister said you need to believe in God more. How did that work for you?)

So, the big question here is how would you like to get more awareness of how you experience life: What goes on inside your filters of awareness and how you form your attitutes? This is an important question, and only you can generate the answer for yourself. You may just not be interested, It may be OK for your attitudes and emotions to be at someone’s mercy (how many times have you said: “he kept PUSHING MY BUTTONS.”) That’s essentially what G.W.Bush did to inflame and increase fear so that he was likely to be re-elected President. He kept pushing the public’s fear button. From the result, it seems that most folk are quite happy to be attitudinal puppets.

If you are still reading, I’m going to assume that you’re going to stay with us to learn more about how we experience reality.

OK. look at the graphic of the head. Pretend that’s your mind in there: You have some Gad-zillion things happening out there. You get stuff coming into your ears, eyes, skin, internal nerve sensors, nose, tongue. At the same time, you are listening to that little talking voice that is your thoughts. If we were able to digitize all that (we can’t, thank goodness) we might come up with some 200 to 2000 million bits per second. Probably more. That’s alot. Too much. Your consciousness just couldn’t handle that much, so your UN-conscious mind takes care of filtering most of that out.

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