Learning About That is Easy if You Believe in Day Dreams

You think you might have a problem? A problem about that? Or you need that? Or want that?

Maybe you think about that from time to time. Play that over and over in your head. Think about the things leading up to that. Or maybe how that makes you feel. Or maybe you daydream about what happens after that. Tell me about that, all that and more.

Think about that. Maybe you can’t even remember the first time for that. How you were before, and after that. Maybe you feel bad about parts of that, the things leading up to that, or the things inside of, or after that. Some thought leads up to feeling and that leads up to a memory or image you have in your head, which gives you another thought and all thoughts, feelings and images and memories are about that daydream. About that. Mostly, you daydream in your unconscious at the speed of thought, much faster than you can be aware of. But, now, you are consciously aware of the general feeling and some of the echoes of those daydreams. And as you are going about your day, you have to play these daydreams really fast, below your awareness, you do that because you need to do all the things in your life, your clothes, your job, your family, all, and you just cant let those daydreams about that bubble up to the surface.

Except here and now, you can slow it down, slow it down, until you can control the images, thoughts and feelings. Step away from that. Leave that behind. Slow down the images, talk about them, pick them apart. Let me know how they flow from one to another and how each makes you feel. Because when you slow them way down, they can be controlled. Re-learned, re-learned, just like you learned that in the first place.

Think about babies learning. Babies learn with daydreams. Mostly these daydreams are feelings, muscle and skin and bladder, and stomach feelings. And things to see, and blankets to feel, and milk to taste and poop to smell. Of nights that are too cold, and dark. And the smell of wonderful soft warm, holding holding all around you just as you have sweet liquid food going into your mouth and down to your stomach and your hunger vanishes and you are warm and happy.

When you are a baby, you just don’t have many concepts, you have fewer, much, much fewer. So you go over them slower, and are highly conscious of them too. That’s how you can learn what a mommy is and what a blanket is and where your thumb is. Because you have to learn slowly in your conscious mind. As a baby, your thumb is in your conscious mind, a lot. what it feels like when you curl it, what the thumbnail feels like on your tongue, how your muscles feel like when it moves farther and closer to your mouth. And you think about those things as a baby, and you learn, and as time passes, you still think about these same things, but much, much faster, and without using your conscious mind, because that would slow these things down so much that you could not do them any more.

Some things you learn quickly, because they are fun. And that’s good. And some things you learn quickly, because it hurts. And it’s good some things you learn quickly, because you need to. You learn what a momma is, you learn what your favorite toy and when you hold it you learn what each sound is just so, when you move your hand and arm just so. You learn what a warm soft blanket is, and what a cold wet diaper is, and how you like one, and not the other, but even so, it took you months of wet diapers to learn how to use the toilet and that little trick that keeps your self dry. And how did you learn it? Because you were thinking about your body, you were paying very close attention with your conscious mind. And you said “YES” and let your unconscious mind know it was important. And you took the time because it was the thing to do, it is important to take the time to learn, when there is something to learn.

If you think about how each muscle must move for you to walk, for you to move one foot in front of the other, really concentrate on it, on how you must hold your foot just so, so that it can support your weight, and how you must keep your knee from bending by having exactly so much tension in this upper leg muscle, and that position of your left arm and so on and so on and so on, well, you wouldn’t be able to walk at all, because your conscious mind just cant keep up with your unconscious mind. But your conscious mind trusts your unconscious mind to do all the things it learns, and your unconscious mind trusts your conscious mind to teach it all the things that both need to be, do, and have all the things you need to be, to do, and to have. to have a conscious mind to teach the unconscious mind all the things it can make your body do, or to understand the sights and sounds, or to understand the feelings in your body, those feelings in side of you, those emotions you have.

And we have those emotions, those feelings just like any feeling in our body. so we know what is happening. If you lose your balance, you know it immediately, before you fall. And that’s good. Your feeling startles you and comes into your consciousness, just like an alarm clock, so you do something to correct your fall, and stay upright. There is a good reason for that feeling, just like any other feeling, like any other emotion. If you are sad, or angry, or afraid or guilty, there is a good reason for that. But unlike a feeling in our body, like that off-balance feeling, we have forgotten so many of the details of that, we only notice the feelings unless we ask our unconscious to slow that down. And when we do slow that down, sometimes we think the feeling lasts too long, too long, too long and we think don’t WANT to slow that down.

So here is the trick about day-dreams. These are the times we DO slow down those thoughts and images about that. That brought you here. That is what you have been day-dreaming about, all about that. And you can control your day-dreams can’t you, If you don’t like the way it’s going, make it change: so that you DO get the raise for all the hard work. So your friend WILL appreciate it when you become completely honest about those things. And instead of making images about how it is really OK to do those things, whatever thing you want to change, you just do that in your day-dream

So share your day-dreams with me, they are the way your mind wants to learn. The results of all your day-dreams are the way your life is today. Do you like it, do you like you life as it is now? NO? Then explore your day-dreams with me and we can find a better way to dream. And learn about a new life that can be yours, right now.

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  1. Posted July 19, 2007 at 2:33 pm | Permalink

    You don’t sound too sure of yourself, Dan. That’s a common complaint nowadays, being so unsure.

    Check out the works of M. Erickson or Jay Haley. These guys were really big about learning and the learning state(s) of babies. You might also want to look at “the Psycho – biology of Mind Body Healing” by Dr. Ernest Rossi.

    All this is not to prove you wrong, but to give us some starting points into better methods to proceed.

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    [...] Scientists have living proof that we learn fastest and most actively when we are very young. For one reason, our brains are growing quickly, but for another more obvious and subtle reason: Babies are daydreaming. [...]

  2. By Dan on July 19, 2007 at 1:30 pm


    You are probably wrong….

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