Free Choice vs. The Hole in the sock gang

I folded the laundry put the clothes away, and sighed in relief as I would not need to put on that cleanest dirty shirt. Everything clean.

I put on my clothes, but when I put my sox on my big toe popped through. Dammit, I had washed that sock and put it on again! It seems that I have done that before. Several times. For two months. Two months? Talk about a slow learner. My reaction was pretty stupid: “This nasty thing still hanging around?”

But true to form, I kept the sock on. I’m wearing it now. And it will end up in the laundry again.

The only time I really know that this sock is bogus is when I put it on. It is that moment, and no other when I can make that decision to toss it away. (I wouldn’t mend it, with my technique, I would sew my toes together.). I may think that I have made the decision by saying: “next time I put that sock on I’ll throw it away.” but the decision is really made at that small moment.

The time for action is tiny. At the moment I put it on. Isn’t it the same for emotions? When you put them on, you experience the consequences. And you have that choice to keep or discard a useless emotion.

It is this exact opportunity for Free Choice. When the moment comes, will you see clearly to the higher good and make the choice freely? Or will your view be cluttered by useless reactions? Will you do over and over and over the same decision and become a member of the hole in the sock gang? Or ?

Once I see a life pattern like my sock habits, I can change it, keep it, or enhance it. If I’m truly living in the moment, with all my abilities and choices available, I can make the right decision. This is where my NLP training comes in handy: I just set an anchor to wake up to the moment, and enter the right state, make the decision, and see what conflicts arise. Yes, there could be conflicts. Resolve them the same way. NLP rocks!

NLP is one of the best tools for you to keep you emotional socks from becoming unravelled. Tend your emotions as you would a garden. Use the right tool to weed your emotional garden, and you will see more clearly the higher good.

By the way, as I edit this for the last time, let me assure you: That sock is history!

James Hinds is a spiritual teacher who uses the art of NLP to create bliss states. Check out his web site

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