Definition of Celarien

People ask me all the time: “What is Celarien?”

Celarien comes from the Basque, I’m told. It means something like emotional harmony, or emotional enlightenment. But these don’t quite capture celarien. It actually refers to the parade of emotions within as an ongoing system. If that parade helps you have more opportunities, more awareness, more experiences, then that is the essence of Celarien. It’s like emotional ecology.

That’s not to deny the highs or lows of emotions: a little excess now and then is a good thing. But there are very few good reasons to keep playing useless emotions over and over, are there not? If what you are feeling is getting you to where your soul really needs to “be, do or have,” then go for it. If not, then you don’t have celarien and you need to dump those useless emotional tapes– (easier said than done, if you don’t know how).

The Celarien Experience (which is the trade name of a business) is that unique emotional “A-Ha!” that is oriented to get you one step closer to celarien. They use lots of NLP and hypnotheraputic type good stuff to break up useless emotional log-jams and get your emotions back into service for you. Check out or

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