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Yup, I’m a “My Name is Earl” fan.

Karma does indeed work in mysterious ways. Even though “The Peoples Choice” awards are history, and ‘Earl’ got passed over, I rejoice that Earl got out of the Slammer. And got run over again… We will just have to wait for next season and find out if the show is cancelled … Now that would […]

Story Telling, Psychological Therapy, Learning Computer Science and Video Screenplay all in one!

Story Telling Alice is an interesting approach to education, with some potential uses for teen-therapy. Youth are totally OK with button pushing, and can juggle the complex nature of computer interaction: we see evidence of that with the popularity of cell-phone texting and video games, etc. Now while ‘Alice’ is a vehicle for teaching some […]

Greetings Seeker, Finder and Keeper

As you can see, I have re-formatted this entire blog. Gone are the snazzy graphics but in it’s place is a new ability to comment. I’m allowing everybody to comment now. Of course, spam will force a change in the policy… Look around. Check out what’s important. I plan on putting my NLP notes here […]