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Magnetic Miracle Oil

I saw the first pictures of liquid oil several years ago. The movement of the liquid was intriguing. Almost mind-boggling. It moves, follows the magnet, rises up to it like a plant-blob growing from the depths. Very much a Special Effects wonder. In the last few weeks, I have noticed a commercial where a magnet […]

Virtually Enhanced Marriage Proposal

Him: Mmmm.  Sweetie, it looks fabulous! Her: It’s “Venitian Egg Glazed Souffle”  With a creamed organic pate sauce on the side. Him: Let me at it!  Hey this tastes spinach.  It is spinach.  And the sauce is a bit of mustard.  Let me see. Her: No, No, don’t take your glasses off!  You Promised!  You […]

Twitter Tweets about Why are People So Hard on Bill Gates? as of March 3, 2009

brianpjcronin: I’d tolerate Vista if everytime it crashed it showed Bill Gates riding a crying unicorn on a gloomy rainbow and the caption “Epic Fail”. 2009-02-25 16:58:36 · Reply · View steffler: Bill Gates experiences massive epic Windows Fail (WinFail): 2009-02-24 04:48:57 · Reply · View TwitterDoodle by The Lessnau Lounge

Self Publish Your Own Paperback at Essentially No Cost Not too long ago, I wrote a book for mid-life couples to help them re-focus on each other when the kids leave the home and retirement may be around the corner. That is a critical time in a relationship: a huge percentage of divorces occur at exactly that time. A couple starts out in […]

A Search Engine Optimization Strategy

The mantra of the SEO community is: Content and Backlinks. The MetaGoogle MegaCorporation calculates a site’s worth with some high-falutin’ hueristic that measures the depth of the Moon’s Shadow, the Man’s Piaba and maybe the number of ‘worthy’ links into your site. The worthiness is also a magic quantity that nobody is really sure about. […]

Things that Everybody Knows but Google.

If I ask the question: “How much percentage of fat is in a fat cell?” I may get several answers: none of which actually address my exact question. Since fat cells normally grow and shrink to hold more, or less fat, the answer is pretty much up in the air. You could say, there is […]

The Nick Tesla All Night Salesman Machine!!!

I’m passing this on to the group for your collective wisdom. I came up with this after reading about the DHE offshoot of NLP. As you read this you may discover that I actually know nothing about DHE. In fact, like Alice said about “Jabberwocky”, (and I misquote) “It makes me think of many things, […]