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A small word.  In English, we reserve small words for those with pity meanings.  Simple concepts: the smaller the word on the printed page, the more likely it came from english and hence roman, Greek, and Egyptian with a lot of Norse thrown in as seasoning for zillions of years. Everything except the word ‘the’ […]

Virtually Enhanced Marriage Proposal

Him: Mmmm.  Sweetie, it looks fabulous! Her: It’s “Venitian Egg Glazed Souffle”  With a creamed organic pate sauce on the side. Him: Let me at it!  Hey this tastes spinach.  It is spinach.  And the sauce is a bit of mustard.  Let me see. Her: No, No, don’t take your glasses off!  You Promised!  You […]

Holiday time is Cheatin’ time.

Sex and cheating are Christmas companions.

Possible Polyamory? Multiple Monogamy?

I revel in possibilities. Practical alternatives to our stalemate with culture, economics, and society. We have been told over and over that the USA is a ‘free country.’ But in what way? there is absolutely nothing free except air and water, and we are paying big-time for Coke and Pepsi to put baby laxative in […]