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Bombs Under My Boots

I just got some great slack key sounds from a Ms Helen Weight.  She lives over on the big Island of Hawaii somewhere.  Back in civilization: music wise, that is.  Slack key is “sweet beyond belief, as was the leaf.” Or so they say in Honolulu.  It is one of the drawbacks of Saipan.  The […]

Sarah Palin’s MegaChurch of politics

It’s not really a church, it’s a nascent political party. We allow any number of them in this country. For nearly any reason. Church or Party. And just like our very successful MegaChurches, we have found that the money making aspect of these things is fabulous. We in America know how to SELL. And the […]

Many US Citizens not worthy of our Constitution – Adams, Palin, Ruff

I picked up a copy of Howard Ruff’s good book “How to Prosper During the Coming Bad Years in the 21st Century” — I’ve been enjoying economic bad years long before it was fashionable, and even though I now have company in that enjoyment, I’d rather have prosperity in my financial stbility, not just my […]

Thank You Mr. Olbermann

At last. At long last. A voice of sanity. Keith Olbermann decimates George W. Bush. Sadly, words like these are too late to save over 4000 American Members of the Armed Services who were not supported by our administration. Shame on you, Mr. Bush. Shame on you, Neo-conservatives. You have terrorized the United States and […]

GWB, Cowardice, Bravery, a nation of sheep and Jar Jar Binks

The following was originally a comment to a thought crime article on We think it stands on it’s own. Here it is: GWB said he was a ‘uniter,’ and he did a fabulous job of ‘uniting’ the US under the Banner of Fear. And, like sheep and Jar-Jar Binks, we rushed headlong into the […]

The Democrat Problem and an American Solution

Simply stated, the Democratic Party has got too many choices. Two great candidates: Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. One has charisma and is a great orator, the other is a master executive and problem solver. Both have platforms and viewpoints that are, essentially compatible. Trouble is, the supporters of one are rabid in their […]

Stupid is as Stupid Does

I visit Guam from time to time, and have been impressed by a recent trend to turn the island from a backward and badly managed one into a haven and hope for all of the cultures of the South Pacific. So I was surprised to see a little gem of insanity entitled: I don’t want […]

Inspiration from Hillary??

This statement by a 70′s era E.R.A. supporter (I’m one too, just the male variety), awakens an earlier enthusiasm for the vitality of American Politics. Politics never quite gives you what you want, but at least you feel that every voice got heard… And sometimes, just sometimes, there is a fight worth winning, and a […]