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Google Does Harm

I have, in the last few days (jul 23, 2013) received a request from the Tad James Company (http:/ to remove a link from my reference on my page: ( a post about the failings of standard Psychological Counseling) because wants to believe that Tad has PAID for this endorsement. (definitely not true) […]

Magnetic Miracle Oil

I saw the first pictures of liquid oil several years ago. The movement of the liquid was intriguing. Almost mind-boggling. It moves, follows the magnet, rises up to it like a plant-blob growing from the depths. Very much a Special Effects wonder. In the last few weeks, I have noticed a commercial where a magnet […]

A Poem from Allstate

Allstate Insurance has created an eye-moistening, persuasive, thunderbolt of a poem in “Back to Basics” with this inspired advertisement. The words start with – A stanza of uncertainty one of appreciation of basic values care and protection of those values Now thats a great combination! It’s timeless but appropriate for now: we are in the […]