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Free Choice vs. The Hole in the sock gang

I folded the laundry put the clothes away, and sighed in relief as I would not need to put on that cleanest dirty shirt. Everything clean. I put on my clothes, but when I put my sox on my big toe popped through. Dammit, I had washed that sock and put it on again! It […]

Self Publish Your Own Paperback at Essentially No Cost Not too long ago, I wrote a book for mid-life couples to help them re-focus on each other when the kids leave the home and retirement may be around the corner. That is a critical time in a relationship: a huge percentage of divorces occur at exactly that time. A couple starts out in […]

An IM Session on Hypnosis and Human Potential

When I am not with a client I Usually like to work undisturbed. A good friend of mine likes to chat over Yahoo Messenger. So after I get over a conversation with her, I often forget to close it out (since she loves to say — I gotta make a sandwich, I’ll be right back: […]

Clean Language . com — A Great NLP Resource

Most NLP sites are really vehicles for selling someones theraputicc techniques. That’s not really a bad thing, we all got to eat, but it does mean that you need to pay money to gain access to the real secrets. It is refreshing to find the real deal without the hard-sell. Read on. I recently stumbled […]

Consumer Reports and the Dodo Bird Verdict for Psychology

The magazine “Consumer Reports,” published by the Consumer’s Union did a study in 1995 about the effectiveness of psychological treatments. Basically, the question was what treatments work? and how well? The study was important enough that the later President of the American Psychological Association (the most prestigious and authoritive society of psychology) enthusiastically endorsed the […]

Learning About That is Easy if You Believe in Day Dreams

You think you might have a problem? A problem about that? Or you need that? Or want that? Maybe you think about that from time to time. Play that over and over in your head. Think about the things leading up to that. Or maybe how that makes you feel. Or maybe you daydream about […]

The Nick Tesla All Night Salesman Machine!!!

I’m passing this on to the group for your collective wisdom. I came up with this after reading about the DHE offshoot of NLP. As you read this you may discover that I actually know nothing about DHE. In fact, like Alice said about “Jabberwocky”, (and I misquote) “It makes me think of many things, […]

Definition of Celarien

People ask me all the time: “What is Celarien?”

Top Secret: What the AMA Doesn’t Want You to Know

We know from medical research that about 30% of people will “cure themselves” if they are somehow encouraged or “given permission.” This is the famous, or infamous, placebo effect. Pharmaceutical studies are done with great care to eliminate this placebo effect. From the point of view of the drug companies, a 10% effective drug is […]

Reality: You Just Gotta be There!

How do you experience reality? That is, when things happen out there in the real world, what feelings, ideas and attitudes come up in your mind? For example: you are driving along and someone in front of you jams on the brakes and you almost run into the car in front of you.