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A Year in Saipan and What Do I Have to Show for It.

The usual run-down of the year 2012 as seen by Jim. I had saved my pennies and liquidated my assets and finally was able to buy a plane ticket and secure an apartment on Saipan, and at the end of January, I crossed the World’s Most Beautiful Bridge and left the St. John’s Infirmary. Saipan […]

Pilsner’s Progress – Saipan Edition

A week ago, a bar buddy and I were looking for a bar near my San Vicente apartment.  Now I have not found any great bar in San Vicente, but hey, I walk, and there are lots of twisty streets here.  None full of great bars.  But my buddy, a big-wig at the tourism council […]

Mystery Men Homage to the Firesign Theatre

I’m a Firesign Theatre fanatic. I still quote bits of their fabulous word salad. One quote came into my mind as I talked to the clerk: “I’ll be in the back at the Pycho-Raga-Rock Old Folks’ Dance Marathon” and then I tried to imagine what that might look like: The image hit me as the […]

Magnetic Miracle Oil

I saw the first pictures of liquid oil several years ago. The movement of the liquid was intriguing. Almost mind-boggling. It moves, follows the magnet, rises up to it like a plant-blob growing from the depths. Very much a Special Effects wonder. In the last few weeks, I have noticed a commercial where a magnet […]

Virtually Enhanced Marriage Proposal

Him: Mmmm.  Sweetie, it looks fabulous! Her: It’s “Venitian Egg Glazed Souffle”  With a creamed organic pate sauce on the side. Him: Let me at it!  Hey this tastes spinach.  It is spinach.  And the sauce is a bit of mustard.  Let me see. Her: No, No, don’t take your glasses off!  You Promised!  You […]

Lake and Mt. a perfect pair

Creative commons use: DavidK-Oregon So I’m thinking of moving from Hawaii to Oregon. It will take a lot of convincing, but seeing this view may be a part of that decision! The air is clean and clear. The hikes are incredible. There are new things to discover around every bend. There are the mountains of […]