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Magnetic Miracle Oil

I saw the first pictures of liquid oil several years ago. The movement of the liquid was intriguing. Almost mind-boggling. It moves, follows the magnet, rises up to it like a plant-blob growing from the depths. Very much a Special Effects wonder. In the last few weeks, I have noticed a commercial where a magnet […]

News From St. John’s — Slim’s Lamb Roast

The Dykes have taken over the pool table Here at Slim’s in St. John. Dancing nonstop around the paths from Men’s room to the bar. Thirty years ago there was no such thing as a majority of women in a guy sanctuary: the pool table. But the SRO crowd in the dining room ranges from […]

Virtually Enhanced Marriage Proposal

Him: Mmmm.  Sweetie, it looks fabulous! Her: It’s “Venitian Egg Glazed Souffle”  With a creamed organic pate sauce on the side. Him: Let me at it!  Hey this tastes spinach.  It is spinach.  And the sauce is a bit of mustard.  Let me see. Her: No, No, don’t take your glasses off!  You Promised!  You […]

Saint Yosemite Sam

Hard wall of the economy Three years of no income makes quite a dent in a life. Now I’m a master of living small, but my smallness got smaller and smaller until, my economic situation became a singularity that sucked in everything I had, relied on, aspired to and promised. All were walked on very […]

Free Choice vs. The Hole in the sock gang

I folded the laundry put the clothes away, and sighed in relief as I would not need to put on that cleanest dirty shirt. Everything clean. I put on my clothes, but when I put my sox on my big toe popped through. Dammit, I had washed that sock and put it on again! It […]

I love Yojimbo

Yes, I love Toshiro Mifune in the classic “Yojimbo,” A film that is totally funny, but also a morality play. It is also the exact plot of the Classic Sergio Leone – Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Western “For a Fistful of Dollars” — True homage to the source, acting, and impact. But that is not the […]

Holy crap Adam Smith!

Adam, Our economy is in trouble. We have widespread unemployment, big banks and businesses are failing, the world is losing respect for us, terrorists hate us, and we don’t trust each other. You are sure right about the overwhelming power of the “invisible hand” to straighten out the bumps in the road of commerce! This […]

Linkreferral Useless?

I have been a Link Referral member for quite some time, and have several sites there. My latest, is a gateway to twitter. It’s really a Twitter Power Tool, that is totally free. My goal is to have Tweeparty on the screens of women from ages 13 to 35 and beyond. You know, the […]

Cramer Will Be Off the Air in 60 Days: Bless You Jon Stewart

Jon is advocating true investigative journalism. And that is what CNBC is pretending to offer. If you want to pretend that CNBC is filling any other function that being a mouthpiece for corporate lies, then that’s fine. Access to interviews is not something that a tru investigative journalist fears. In fact, it’s the other way […]

Twitter Tweets about Why are People So Hard on Bill Gates? as of March 3, 2009

brianpjcronin: I’d tolerate Vista if everytime it crashed it showed Bill Gates riding a crying unicorn on a gloomy rainbow and the caption “Epic Fail”. 2009-02-25 16:58:36 · Reply · View steffler: Bill Gates experiences massive epic Windows Fail (WinFail): 2009-02-24 04:48:57 · Reply · View TwitterDoodle by The Lessnau Lounge