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Google Does Harm

I have, in the last few days (jul 23, 2013) received a request from the Tad James Company (http:/ to remove a link from my reference on my page: ( a post about the failings of standard Psychological Counseling) because wants to believe that Tad has PAID for this endorsement. (definitely not true) […]

Bombs Under My Boots

I just got some great slack key sounds from a Ms Helen Weight.  She lives over on the big Island of Hawaii somewhere.  Back in civilization: music wise, that is.  Slack key is “sweet beyond belief, as was the leaf.” Or so they say in Honolulu.  It is one of the drawbacks of Saipan.  The […]

Pilsner’s Progress – Saipan Edition

A week ago, a bar buddy and I were looking for a bar near my San Vicente apartment.  Now I have not found any great bar in San Vicente, but hey, I walk, and there are lots of twisty streets here.  None full of great bars.  But my buddy, a big-wig at the tourism council […]


A small word.  In English, we reserve small words for those with pity meanings.  Simple concepts: the smaller the word on the printed page, the more likely it came from english and hence roman, Greek, and Egyptian with a lot of Norse thrown in as seasoning for zillions of years. Everything except the word ‘the’ […]

I Created A Mad Robot Scientist!

It’s true,  except for the ‘Mad’ part.  I threw that in just to make you look.  Still, I did in fact, create a Robot Scientist.  It’s name is NICI, Nikky to his friends.  NICI stands for the Near Infrared Coronagraphic Imager It is a giant camera designed by Mauna Kea Infrared a Hawaii based firm specializing in […]

China Town, Los Angeles and the Bliss of Urban Sprawl

For my money, the movie “ChinaTown” has got to be the best, tightest, believable and time accurate movie ever.  I grew up in L.A. just after the time of “China Town” and “The Two Jakes.”  and the ‘feel’ was right on.  The dry stream-bed, the orange grove across the street, and the crazy lights just […]

An Open Letter to the People of Saipan — Diamonds at your feet

Hafa Adai, CNMI! My name is Jim Hinds. I’m your neighbor. I’m a retired computer scientist/craftsman, and new on the island.  I love Saipan, and while I’d much rather learn to grow bamboo than write computer programs or manage another business again, I’m offered the exquisite opportunity to have my computer creations help the local […]

Don’t ask Derick

The most smarmy and arrogant stuff you find on the web: In response to : Derick, you are such a tool of the overlords. Jimbo. sez: Thank you for taking the time to write to us, but this is not a bug. Please double-check the documentation available at and the instructions on […]

Sarah Palin’s MegaChurch of politics

It’s not really a church, it’s a nascent political party. We allow any number of them in this country. For nearly any reason. Church or Party. And just like our very successful MegaChurches, we have found that the money making aspect of these things is fabulous. We in America know how to SELL. And the […]

Mystery Men Homage to the Firesign Theatre

I’m a Firesign Theatre fanatic. I still quote bits of their fabulous word salad. One quote came into my mind as I talked to the clerk: “I’ll be in the back at the Pycho-Raga-Rock Old Folks’ Dance Marathon” and then I tried to imagine what that might look like: The image hit me as the […]