Mystery Men Homage to the Firesign Theatre

I’m a Firesign Theatre fanatic. I still quote bits of their fabulous word salad. One quote came into my mind as I talked to the clerk:
“I’ll be in the back at the Pycho-Raga-Rock Old Folks’ Dance Marathon” and then I tried to imagine what that might look like: The image hit me as the first scene of the film “Mystery Men

Now that’s homage!

Magnetic Miracle Oil

I saw the first pictures of liquid oil several years ago. The movement of the liquid was intriguing. Almost mind-boggling. It moves, follows the magnet, rises up to it like a plant-blob growing from the depths. Very much a Special Effects wonder.

In the last few weeks, I have noticed a commercial where a magnet floats above a pool of this stuff. There is no rhyme or reason for what we are seeing, and it looks unlike CGI because of the strange motion. It just flows in such a weird way that our eyes are stuck there demanding the brain answer the question: “What the hell am I seeing? Should I eat it? should I kill it? should I run?”

My Gut says nothing, so the brain, stuck in reality, attempts to reassure the eyes, while furiously figuring what is going on: All senses totally on automatic, the juggernaught of thought takes over and sez “Magnetic Oil, but why?”

No answer. thought starts to patch in the audio, up to now, locked out by the visuals. The announcer is talking about motor oil. That follows magnets. It’s a product ad. A company makes motor oil and has a new sexy visual. So What.

Will it catch on?

  • Cool factor: Yes, very. Almost like Apple’s 1984 ad.
  • Utility factor: (Do we really have engines with electromagnets, or even magnets at all? And if there was a magnet to grab torn chunks of metal, would you really want the oil hogging the magnet?) Maybe?
  • Public Reaction: ???

The first time you see magnetic oil, you likely will have the same feeling that kings of the 1700′s were seeing in tricks of magnetism and electricity. “It’s a miracle

Yes, it is, but it becomes common, and so we don’t think about it as a miracle. It’s only common when we don’t pay attention.

It’s still a miracle. Everything is.

News From St. John’s — Slim’s Lamb Roast

The Dykes have taken over the pool table
Here at Slim’s in St. John. Dancing nonstop around the paths from Men’s room to the bar. Thirty years ago there was no such thing as a majority of women in a guy sanctuary: the pool table.

But the SRO crowd in the dining room ranges from redneck to white collar to Dali Lama, and the SRO crowd loves it all.

This may be nothing new in Portland, OR. But up in St. John’s? Unemployment Capitol of the peninsula? Why on earth would a bar owner stray from the tried and true exploitation of the alky’s Social Security check that every other bar in town seems to do.

There are two outstanding places in St. John’s Slim’s and Plews. Today.

And today, we will talk about Slim’s.

Slim’s has been pushing brews for ever in St. John. The heritage of owners would make FDR blush. Today, Slim’s is pushing hard against the PNW economy. And pushing back hard.

Why is it jammed so many nights? Look to the inspiration from Hamid X. This guy has a bit of Ed Sullivan mixed in with his hardened business senses. And tonight he merely announced, once, to a few customers that he was roasting a whole lamb, and giving it away free to anyone who showed up.

And merely, the TextMS went wild. And so did the bar.

That’s marketing magic, Mr. Hamid. Hats off to you.

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Virtually Enhanced Marriage Proposal

Him: Mmmm.  Sweetie, it looks fabulous!

Her: It’s “Venitian Egg Glazed Souffle”  With a creamed organic pate sauce on the side.

Him: Let me at it!  Hey this tastes spinach.  It is spinach.  And the sauce is a bit of mustard.  Let me see.

Her: No, No, don’t take your glasses off!  You Promised!  You know it’s all virtually enhanced.

Him: I really like the chandelier and candles in the sconces, and the Scandavian setting you picked is fabulous, but you shouldn’t need to cover up the food so much.  That virtually enhanced reality is awesome, but it does have it’s limits.

Her: Well, I’m told that it’s a great way to get kids to eat!  They can have neon colored, crackelling sand-worms if they want, and it’s still the same organic food they’re eating.

Him: Well, kids, Mmm.  Yes, I’ve been thinking about that.  He pulls out a small box and opens it.   The ring inside is bright and big.   Maybe 15 caret solo.

She gasps as he asks: will you marry me?


Announcer voice over: Apple T&T authorized Vi-Fi programs start at $175 per month.  Enhance responsibly.

Saint Yosemite Sam

Hard wall of the economy

Three years of no income makes quite a dent in a life. Now I’m a master of living small, but my smallness got smaller and smaller until, my economic situation became a singularity that sucked in everything I had, relied on, aspired to and promised. All were walked on very heavily for those years.

No credit, massive irrevocable debts, no home, no future, disowned by my ex and my daughter. A relationship strained passed the point of recovery.

In December of 2009, I hit the hard wall of he economy.

So what’s a guy to do? Scrape every penny together and leave to be close to an estranged brother in case I become destitute.

And then, Magic Happens

And magically, I inherit a beautiful contract. A quiet location. A new community specially made to transform Jim into a power to behold. Cash positive, taking control, delegating, motivating, caring for and mentoring others. Writing like a daemon everyday, self-publishing illustrated story, comic book and tarot deck.

Saint Jim?! Saint WHO?

And now, I am some PNW Spiritual Yosemite Sam. St. Jim the Mountaineer. St. Jim will take you up bliss boulevard for a bliss quest.

And it may just work.

Free Choice vs. The Hole in the sock gang

I folded the laundry put the clothes away, and sighed in relief as I would not need to put on that cleanest dirty shirt. Everything clean.

I put on my clothes, but when I put my sox on my big toe popped through. Dammit, I had washed that sock and put it on again! It seems that I have done that before. Several times. For two months. Two months? Talk about a slow learner. My reaction was pretty stupid: “This nasty thing still hanging around?”

But true to form, I kept the sock on. I’m wearing it now. And it will end up in the laundry again.

The only time I really know that this sock is bogus is when I put it on. It is that moment, and no other when I can make that decision to toss it away. (I wouldn’t mend it, with my technique, I would sew my toes together.). I may think that I have made the decision by saying: “next time I put that sock on I’ll throw it away.” but the decision is really made at that small moment.

The time for action is tiny. At the moment I put it on. Isn’t it the same for emotions? When you put them on, you experience the consequences. And you have that choice to keep or discard a useless emotion.

It is this exact opportunity for Free Choice. When the moment comes, will you see clearly to the higher good and make the choice freely? Or will your view be cluttered by useless reactions? Will you do over and over and over the same decision and become a member of the hole in the sock gang? Or ?

Once I see a life pattern like my sock habits, I can change it, keep it, or enhance it. If I’m truly living in the moment, with all my abilities and choices available, I can make the right decision. This is where my NLP training comes in handy: I just set an anchor to wake up to the moment, and enter the right state, make the decision, and see what conflicts arise. Yes, there could be conflicts. Resolve them the same way. NLP rocks!

NLP is one of the best tools for you to keep you emotional socks from becoming unravelled. Tend your emotions as you would a garden. Use the right tool to weed your emotional garden, and you will see more clearly the higher good.

By the way, as I edit this for the last time, let me assure you: That sock is history!

James Hinds is a spiritual teacher who uses the art of NLP to create bliss states. Check out his web site

I love Yojimbo

Yes, I love Toshiro Mifune in the classic “Yojimbo,” A film that is totally funny, but also a morality play. It is also the exact plot of the Classic Sergio Leone – Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Western “For a Fistful of Dollars” — True homage to the source, acting, and impact. But that is not the Yojimbo I am talking about here.

I am talking about a super useful utility I have installed on my Mac — Yojimbo from BareBones Software.

When I need to find a file, I always use Apple’s finder, but sometimes, that doesn’t work: The keywords I’m typing are not in the document, and I can’t remember any exact phrase in the document. All I can remember is “It’s a receipt dated January 2″ — Apple’s find just doesn’t know about keywords for my documents. So I use Yojimbo. If It is any file that is important at all, I will save it into Yojimbo, which cheerfully accepts most any file ore even a hastily typed cut and paste document. Yojimbo allows me to add keywords to it – later I can find the note by those keywords.

Yojimbo is my refuge of last choice: if a file is really important for me to find later, or is a transient page from the web, that I’ll never find again, I just put it in Yojimbo and plug in a few keywords. And I breath easier.

Holy crap Adam Smith!

Adam, Our economy is in trouble. We have widespread unemployment, big banks and businesses are failing, the world is losing respect for us, terrorists hate us, and we don’t trust each other.

You are sure right about the overwhelming power of the “invisible hand” to straighten out the bumps in the road of commerce! This bump is a big one, and that “hand” is needing to get to work right away. Soon, we hope.

The forces that drive the hand have, up to this point, pushed our commerce and economy into this tailspin of a fearful, decrepit society. Are we in a tailspin? Are we decrepit? Our friends Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh would say that this is the time to let that hand go to work and PROVE that we are not a decrepit society.

And if we are decrepit, has the “hand” of business helped us lose those sensible values, just as it has changed our values about Christmas, or any of a zillion things that business pays Madison Avenue to advocate. Yes, “the hand” even works there. And the hand looks like Glen Beck as he laments the loss of values and the fact that they are trampled on so often.

The hand is working, Sean, Glenn, Rush, It can’t stop. Adam did not say that the hand was optional, nor very quick, nor was guided very well — at least in the short term. But the forces are generated in the marketplace. And the landlord of the marketplace is the Government, always has been.

So, Government mandates are simply the price that the landlord sets on your tent, Mr. Corporation. The Government is a vendor for each and every business. A huge customer, too, one that can make the difference between profit and shuttered doors. So most big businesses simply treat the government as a vendor/customer: We hire a salesman, called a Lobbyist, and negotiate with the vendor: “You want us to fill out form XXX for each shipment? You want us to sell to only “approved” customers? No problem, lets just see about a tax credit to offset the costs of implementing that, OK, 75% tax reduction? a Deal! Shake. We just factor that into our bottom line and go ahead.”

So government is no different than any customer, at least from a “Market Forces” perspective. It’s just that the “Government as customer” may have radically different requirements than the other forces of the hand. That’s business. That’s government. Live with it, Rush, the rest of us do.

But, Adam, you have really hit the wall on this one! We have huge problems that will take huge amounts of cooperation and we can no longer simply “buy” that kind of co-operation. And our “trust” factor is really weak out there, Sean. I know you have an idea or two on that subject.

Internal distrust. That’s our achilles heel. Our friends at Fox are pointing out huge numbers of people who don’t trust America. Any liberal simply does not trust America, and is simply not to be trusted. That’s a whole lot of people to distrust! And I bet they distrust right back!

Joblessness: Nothing eats our will like long term unemployment, knowing our hard-won skills are useless.

International terrorism. That takes international co-operation.

Global emissions: That takes international co-operation.

Global economy in a shambles: If we want OUR economic solution to be the one that the world adapts, we had better make our economic solution be the one that WORKS, right Rush, Glenn, Sean?.

So, here is the request from your customer: us, the citizens: Restore Trust here in the USA. Get rid of the endless searches, barricades, check points! These are badges worn by Governments who do not trust the population.
—- The population will not trust back. So business, Government. Earn our trust. We spend better that way. It’s one of our forces.

By the way, Adam, have your hand start working on these very real forces in the market place.

Let it get to work on the Global Emissions and climate thing. And no more bogus “cigarette cancer” research that’s cooked up by the Simpson’s Quack Doctor and sold to the highest bidder.
And get to work on the terrorism thing. So they hate our freedoms? The last X-ray check-point I had to go through to check my Federal Income Tax or Social Security, or even take a trip did not make me feel free. I’m not feeling it, Sean.
And get to work on the Global Economy: They can’t trust us anymore, they are even talking about dumping the dollar. Business, you have already taken the baby step to Global Citizen. We need you to do better than that, businessman, We need you to make the leap to Global Statesman.

So fix it: It’s just business. And Business is Business.

Linkreferral Useless?

I have been a Link Referral member for quite some time, and have several sites there. My latest, is a gateway to twitter. It’s really a Twitter Power Tool, that is totally free.

My goal is to have Tweeparty on the screens of women from ages 13 to 35 and beyond. You know, the tweety, chatty kind. A person can gather tweets all day long, multiplexing all those womanly tasks, and still keep up with all the latest and respond with just a few clicks to the juiciest morsels that bubble to the top of interest.

So, when I see all those hits coming in from, I figure — even though it takes me a good hour or so to go through the linkreferral sites, and review those few gems of sites, like thewozone, I mostly find there dead links and parked domains — worse than dead.

I do it because I believe I’m getting quality views, because I really believe my site is a quality, unique, and incredibly useful web application for tweeters, from novices to power users.

So when I look at my Google Analytics at the traffic from LinkReferral, I am amazed to find that the average time-on-site is 11 seconds. That isn’t even time to let the page load! But the Google also tells me that the average time on my site for a new visitor is 1:50 — Ten times as long –almost two minutes! So it ain’t the site here that’s at fault, it’s the visitor! Lets summarize that: a Linkreferral visit is worth 1/10th of a real visit.

Now I have gotten some really high quality reviews (and a bunch of junk, too) so I know there are a range of visitors. But you won’t convince me that the average Linkreferral visitor is very useful.

So what are your visitation times from

Let me know, OK?

Cramer Will Be Off the Air in 60 Days: Bless You Jon Stewart

Jon is advocating true investigative journalism. And that is what CNBC is pretending to offer.

If you want to pretend that CNBC is filling any other function that being a mouthpiece for corporate lies, then that’s fine.

Access to interviews is not something that a tru investigative journalist fears. In fact, it’s the other way around. Corporate figures look like real culprits when they dodge the questions.
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